Monday, November 26, 2007

Lantau Island

Bev and Tim by Harbor Steps in Hong Kong with Christmas Decor

The News Bar near The Steps Restaurant

The Steps Restaurant

Bev's Ceasar Salad

Dried Fish for Sale

Dragon Boat
Bev on the Beach in front of the Steps restaurant on Lantau Island

This last Saturday we went to Lantau Island which is part of Hong Kong. It is the island that is famous for the Big Buddah, Disneyland Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport. We traveled for much of the day with some friends and had a great time. We found a great restaurant on the beach and had quite an adventure getting to it via some cryptic message a friend of theirs had given them. It ended up that we had to take three ferries, and a bus to get to the place, but the end result was fantastic. Good food, great beach, fun friends. What a blast. We did not see the Buddah we will keep that for another visit. Bev walked out into the water, yes it is was November 24th. Lots of people were wind surfing, kayaking and just enjoying the beach. We'll be back to this place but probably try to stay over night next time.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Star Ferry, Hong Kong

Most of the Star Ferries are Green

This is Lower Deck Seating, it is less expensive than the high priced upper deck
(saves about 10 cents per ride, our Dutch friends told us never to use the upper deck)

I like the red Star Ferry
I don't always see it though

Looking toward Central, the main part of Hong Kong

Also Looking Toward part of Central

The Star Ferry has been taking passengers across Victoria Harbor for many years. Connect to the link called Star Ferry History below if you are interested. This is the best tourist attraction of all time. Where can you take a boat ride on a piece of history in one of the most unbelievable cities in the world and do it for about 25 cents.

Star Ferry History