Thursday, January 15, 2009

New QSI Secondary Fenghua (Fen Wah) School

It was not long ago that I posted pics of what appeared to be the middle stages of construction on our new QSI Shekou Secondary School. Well construction happens fast here in China and that school is done, just 4 weeks later! The number of people that work on a project, and also live on site is huge. I think there must have been over 120 people on this little project. The landscaping is not yet done and the furniture is not all built and installed yet but that and cleaning will happen in about one week. Which coincidentally is when we start to move in. This is a pretty neat building with 4 floors and some great inside and outside spaces. It formally was a restaurant, somewhat famous bar hangout, and a number of very small retail shops. That was last Summer now it is a newly remodeled school. Major remodeling with the addition of 2 floors and much more.