Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lao Children

We took a three hour boat ride to get to this Lao H-mong village
Few foreigners have been to it
These first 4 pics are all from that all day journey

BTW we took books and school supplies to the village teacher
but only spent about 30 min. due to the heat and humidity

This girl was so sad

Hmong girl from a hill village up the Mekong river
She was beautiful

Another girl same village

And a young boy

This is at a school we visited by van outside Luang Prabang, Laos


School break time

Protection from the sun

These girls were in a talent show which is why the were
dressed up in the traditional Lao clothing and hair styles

We saw this hair adornment quite often on
women that were dressed up

Grandma was watching this little one while she sat in her small corner store
The orange boxes in the back are Beerlao plastic bins

I was infatuated with the Lao children. Their smiles, demeanor and innocence captured my heart. This has not happened often and I will treasure the memory of those faces I saw and a few that I was able to photograph. I had some shyness but generally if I asked to take a pic they said yes or their parents encouraged them. Let me know if you also see something special with these children.