Thursday, March 6, 2008

QSI School Location

This is where the school is located if you want to look at Google Maps and find it. Most of the two attached buildings are the school and gym. Some other businesses reside primarily on the first floor. Park and Shop being the primary one. It is a small grocery store bigger than a 7-11 but not really very big. It caters primarily to expats. It is convenient to get something for lunch or pick-up something to take home for dinner.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

QSI Student- Chinese New Year Celebration

Staff Member and her Husband sing Love Song

Staff Members sing duet

QSI Director Britt Bratley

The students put on a large production at the Old Shekou Theater. Actually two different performances. Here are a few pictures from the performance that I attended. This is a very big deal and the Chinese Teachers at the school put many hours into making the production something very special.

Chinese New Year

Year of the Rat, turned into the more palatable sweet Mouse

View of Seaworld from our Apartment

Costal Rose New Mall, Lantern Display

Poster in Seaworld

We were gone during much of Chinese New Year but here are some pics of the sights around our area. Lanterns, lights, and nightly fireworks that go off at any hour, 10 pm to 5 am every night even now three weeks after the actual date of the main celebration.

Subtle Messages!

These giant size posters are two that are within a few blocks of our home. I just love them. The message is so Subtle!