Thursday, December 11, 2008


QSI Shekou will have a new Secondary School soon. I have been visiting the new site and taking some photos of the construction. The new school is slated to be finished by the end of February! Construction in China is very different. There is a lot of sand involved and some fairly crude techniques. Few tools other than hand tools, a welder, (no face shield), and a drill. That pretty much is it. This building has at least 120 on site workers. They live sleep and eat at the job site.

The name of the School is to be Fenghua which means... Well the jury is out on that one. Our director says it means Brilliant Dragon. But I have had Chinese tell me that it does not. I have heard everything from Rising Dragon, but really that is Funghua to Wind Dragon, to Wind something to Elegance, Talent, and Grace. The last one makes some kind of sense since it is also the name of the Theater next door that is getting remodeled at the same time.

This building was a few stores, I bought something in a sports shop there, and it had a large round restaurant on the first floor. The rest seemed to be empty.