Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is exciting, spectacular, and expensive. Bev's description and pretty accurate. We spent four days in the city. So much to see. So many people. Hong Kong definitely has a flavor that is all its own. It is truly a International City. We stayed on Nathan Street in Kowloon and took the Star Ferry when we wanted to go over to Central the central downtown area by the water, great fun. HK has a great system for moving people that surrounds the MTR Subway system which is very efficient, and the double Decker buses that carry over 100 people at a time, to the taxis that can get you anywhere you want to go.

We did some of the tourist stuff like go to Victoria Peak which is really fun and we were lucky to have a great clear day. We also went to the Jade market and became members of the HK museums, seven in all. We only had time to go to the Art Museum but we will be back. Many staff do day trips to HK and are able to do one or two things in the six or so hours before returning on the Ferry. Our passports are getting plenty of stamps now.

We did a lot of shopping and there is much shopping to be done. We found a wonderful lady on the third floor of a building off the beat and path. Flow (sp) she sells pearls and jewelry and silk products at very good prices. She was so much fun and reminded me of my Grandmother with her quick wit and great sense of humor.

As you know there are people wanting to make you tailored clothing all around. Bev ended up having a pair of black linen pants made. Took three visits but the place was the alley right by our hotel. So it was not inconvenent. They fit perfectly and they are fully lined. very nice. Total price was about $65,00.

Well we can't wait for our next weekend trip to Hong Kong.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Thank goodness for Chinese Moon Festival and Independance day. Oct. 1st. We took a little three day trip to Macau. It is about a hour and a half by high speed catamaran. These are just a few photographs from our excursion. Macau is 5% Portugese and 95% Chinese but the influence is very strong. It is also the gambling capital of the East. I would have to say that the gambling is much different from Las Vegas. I was expecting larger casinos. They are large but not as big as Vegas and are primarily table games, many I have never seen before. We visited two of the local museums. They are very nice. and well worth a visit. There is picture is of the ruins of St. Paul a Catholic church that burned but the facade remained and is now fortified and a major tourist attraction. There is some history and much to explore in Macau. One of the shopping areas we explored had many shops with Chinese antiques. Some real, I think!, and many reproductions. Similar prices for either. The problem is none of it can be shipped into China only Hong Kong or back to the states. Check the link for more info about Macau.