Friday, December 5, 2008

Ax of Murder

Our secondary school had their Fall play production the past two nights. It was a play based on a cast and crew working in a theater that had a murder in it. With a Sergent trying his best to determine who of a the cast and crew had committed the crime. The students were awesome and the play was a resounding success. Here are a few pics.

BTW Tim was in charge of the Lights and the Production of the program that was handed out to attendees.

Merry Christmas From China

Tim and Bev wish you a very Merry Christmas. Our Christmas plans this year include a trip back to the US to visit friends and family, with a short stop in Seoul, Korea to rest and rejuvinate on the way. We hope that you can count your blessings and be thankful for all the wonderful relationships, friends and family that surround you.

Elements Mall

Elements, Hong Kong

Mikmoto Pearls

Bev takes a rest

New upscale housing tower

One route we take to Hong Kong involves taking a bus (#19) from our nearby border crossing and traveling to the drop off point called Elements. Elements is a upscale mall in the heart of Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is primarily upscale shopping (List of Shops) but also has a lot of upscale housing as well as the mandatory ice rink, full cinema etc. It has a primary location on the water and straight across from the central part of Hong Kong.

We love this place as it also contains all major forms of transportation; rail, bus, taxi, and is an underground metro stop that can get you anywhere in Hong Kong quickly and swiftly. It also has a grocery store, the 360, which is the closest thing to a Whole Foods that I have seen in Asia.

Elements is a million square foot mall themed after the five Chinese elements. The pics will give you a sense of what this mall is about, but don't be fooled into thinking no one is shopping. I carefully timed these shots to include few people. While I wouldn't say it was packed it was busy.

Elements Christmas Decor

About the Mall