Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grocery Store

Ren Ren Le is a department store with the grocery area all underground

We like this store because it is pretty clean and many items are packaged


Complete soups in melamine bowls

Picking out a fish

Lots of dried stuff

Lots of baby things!
On our counter at home, this is what we bought today

Ren Ren Le, (Everyone Happy, loosley translated) grocery and department store is one of our favorite places to get food items. Tim and Bev did a early morning shopping run on Saturday. Total time including 15 min. bus ride each way was 2 hours. You can see what we were able to buy for $32.20 US dollar equivalent. We both go as we have to carry it home.

I had to take pics kind of undercover as no photographs are allowed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fish Market

This is a typical fishing boat
Our apartment would be a little to the left of this picture

This lone fisherman had made a hat out of umbrella parts and duct tape

Most fish is offloaded from the boats in pans like this which are then drug around the dock area

Buying and Selling fish



Transaction completed

Taking away the purchase

Ice blocks coming down out of the ice house

Ice being chipped and put into the hull of the fishing boat

I did a little bike ride this Sunday morning and ended up where many of the fishing boats come in to sell there catch. Watched the ice being loaded into trucks and being chipped for the fishing boats. Also watched the dickering and sale of fish to the local buyers as one boat was being offloaded of the weeks catch. Very fun to watch.