Monday, February 25, 2008

Staff Apartment

Click on any picture to see a slightly larger version.Front door to the building

Large Living Room

Dining Room and Kali


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Kali's Room

Main Bathroom

Molly in Molly's Room
Beautiful Chinese piece purchased in ZhuHai a nearby town

Mr. Brantley, our School director, asked me to post another set of pictures of a different apartment that is occupied by our QSI staff members. Many of the staff coming to QSI this Fall are looking at this blog and our wondering about the provided housing. The Wood's were gracious enough to let me take pictures today of their apartment. Darcy and Eric have two girls Molly in the 8yr old class and Kati who is a Secondary 1 student. They live just one block from the school on the sixth floor of this building. The 3 bedroom apartment has views in two directions and is about 1600 sq ft. These apartments do not have a outside balcony but do have roof access as well as a building elevator. Most of the furniture except the Chinese piece is either the schools or came with the furnished apartment. They also have a spot with a washer and dryer, I did not get a picture of it. They have quite a lot of built-in cabinets for storage.

If you missed it, our apartment is at the other end of the general area that most all the staff lives in Shekou. You can see our apartment on this blog. The posting is in the archive and is dated 11/05/07.