Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visitors from Afar

A group of tourist in Hong Kong on Friday

Tourist in Macau, Tim, Bev, Karen, Tom, Ben, Karen in Macau on Saturday

Karen and Tom take a break after climbing a pretty good set of stairs

Karen enjoys the Hot and Spicy soup

Ben finds a Casino Girl that is almost as tall as he is but has much better looking legs

Jan and Ben, Jan is my friend Howard's cook, Ben is a little taller

Teppanyaki dinner at a local restaurant in Shekou

In Front of St. Pauls facade (all that is left after the fire) in Macau
More Info on this ruin, click here

On a second floor of a Tram in Hong Kong taking in the sites

Dinner at Angelo's in Hong Kong

We had visitors from the United States. Yahooo...

Tom and Karen and Ben and Karen did a one month China tour. They covered a lot of ground from Bejing to Guilin and finally at the end of the trip spent 5 days with us in Shekou/Shenzhen. We were able to have a great visit with them and show them a little of what our part of the world is like. After doing the mandatory Red Lantern meal and then foot massage the first evening we let them explore while we went back to work. We sent them out for two days via taxi to enjoy some of our fun spots like Splendid China and the Artist Village. They kept coming back early and ending up at the massage place for some reason. We had Friday off due to our conference schedule. So on Friday we went to Hong Kong and on Saturday we took a day trip to Macau. We ate a lot of great meals and had a lot of laughs. They left by bus to Guangzhou to catch their early Monday morning plane back to Seattle. These are a few pics of our time together.