Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lo Wu Shopping

Lo Wu Shopping Mall is just across the border from Hong Kong in Shenzhen. It is a general consensus that Shenzhen is Hong Kong's backyard to the motherland, and Lo Wu Shopping Mall is a favorite shopping center for Hong Kong people and overseas visitors with 90-100,000 visiting daily. The mall is filled with bargain shops selling designer brand name products, beauty shops for massages and manicures, tailors and most of a floor with silk and other cloth material of every kind.

Bev is having a top and pants made from silk for her.The total cost of the pants and top with long sleeves is $73 including labor and material. We have to go back next weekend for a final fitting. It is over a one hour bus ride or 45 min. taxi ride. from where we live. Tim bought a Ralph Lauren polo shirt for about $7.00. Bev purchased a Jimmy Choo designer bag for about $34.00. These run about $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 US in London. So it was a heck of a buy. It may not be 100 percent original!

The tough part about this mall is that you get a shadow whether you like it or not before you enter the mall to help guide you to the best shops$$. One guy followed us, and at one point Bev was calling Tim, so he walked up and told her where her husband was standing. Ours followed us around for a couple of hours. Also the number of people offering you DVD's, sunglasses, watches, Nike golf clubs etc. is huge. As Bev walked down the aisle of shops she had people pulling her arm and shouting "Missy, Missy" at you. This happens about 10 times per minute. It wears you out after a while because it is so high pressure, and you can't stay long. You can find a large variety of silk scarves, handbags and more. It is not like that anywhere in Shekou where we live.