Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

This is hoping that your New Year is all you hope and wish for. If not well just do a little planning and it will be.

Seoul, South Korea

Tim and Bev in a Antique Shop in Seoul,
They took our picture because they would not let us take their
picture even though we purchased some antiques from them.
Lots of stuff for sale everywhere
Checking out the latest Magazine
Sweet Potatoes for sale as well as many other delicacies
This toilet in our Hotel was awesome, heated seat and great wash options.
I am told that they have these in many homes also.

Same characters different styles
In front of one of the old Royal Palaces, Bev is on the right
These boxes are made from stiff cardboard and paper
covered and are sold at many places, not inexpensive!

On the subway
Korean traditional dance we watched
Great special tea we had made
Tea pots

Yup more stuff for sale

We spent 5 days in Seoul prior to Christmas, it was cold but lots of fun, I will add more pics soon.