Sunday, August 24, 2008

34 Years of Marriage

This was just a couple of days ago,
Just before we left out the door for our first day of school with students.

Bev and I have been married Thirty-four years today. This is a picture of us as we left for the first day of school here at QSI in Shekou, China taken just three days ago. We hope to have thirty-four more.

A better picture of Bev a couple of days earlier on her way home from school.

Olympics say Goodbye in a Very Big Way

About 30 Chinese and two Americans watch the last Basketball game between the US and Spain. The Chinese were cheering for the Spainards my friend Howard (standing by my bike) and I were of course shouting for USA, which was not a problem.

This kind of scene could be seen every day everywhere you went.

The closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games were amazing. China has set the bar very high for all future games. I think it will be very hard for any other country to put forth such a huge effort. China put a huge level of the countries resources into these games and it proved to make this the best Olympics ever. Living here I see the level of national interest in the Olympics on a daily basis. Everything from the TV's on the street and in every business tuned to the Olympics to the proud smiles on the faces of every Chinese when they talk about what has happened this year in Beijing. Even though I did not attend the games I have a feeling of national pride along with the Chinese. What a great Success and Outstanding, Spectacle the Chinese have presented.