Monday, June 9, 2008

International Shenzhen Auto Show

My future car, assuming it runs on some fuel other than gasoline. Much smaller than the Mazda 3!
Rob where are you we need to take a test drive.

One shot of a small area of the display floor.

I have not hear the final count but some say daily attendance is over 30,000!
The crush at times felt like a million. We left by early afternoon.

Lambo's for any with the money to buy, (Imports are about 25-30% more expensive than US!
I don't know where you could drive this though not on China roads.

Future Model

My Friend Brad

My friend Brad and I went to the Auto show here on Sunday. Wow lots of interest in cars over here. This was by far the largest car show I have ever seen. I don't know what to compare it to in size, nothing I know comes even close. the above pic is about one fourth of one of 10 huge areas. The Shenzhen Exhibition Hall is at least 2 by 3 city blocks in size. This show had all the glitz of a European car show introducing new models although the only new models were cute and young. Each manufacturer had lots of floor space, lots of lights, lots of girls, lots of brochures, super loud music and a few cars. We had a good time, we really couldn't see much of the cars except when they had a model attached then we took pictures along with 1-200 other people. Many of the areas of the high end cars had glass walls to keep you away from the cars. Look but don't touch held true in most cases!