Monday, January 21, 2008

SoHo Hong Kong

Tim's chosen Lunch Spot, gotta love Italian food!

The Lunch Group minus the celebrity.

Bev likes these plates

Chinese restaurant

Get your lantern and door good luck decorations before Chinese New Year in a couple of weeks!

These are all restaurants down the block that Fat Angelo's was on.

The Cafe De Paris looked very good, we will have to go back.

Tim, Bev and two other couples that are good friends traveled to the SoHo district of Hong Kong to have a great lunch and celebrate Tim's birthday this past Saturday. This is some information about the SoHo district. The restaurant and food choices down the two streets we walked were plentiful and fun. We ate at Fat Anthonys, pretty good Italian food.

This will probably bring back memories for Rob and be mouth watering for Sev. Many great choices to eat and not enough time.

Soho - which stands for "South of Hollywood Road" - is evolving rapidly, even by Hong Kong's standards. The area, perched on a hill above the Central business district, was once home to Hong Kong's traditional artisans, who made and sold everything from ceramic tableware to soy sauce.

It largely remained that way until the construction in 1993 of the world's longest outdoor escalator - which allowed the city's yuppies literally to "escalate" after work to hip bars and eateries set up by savvy entrepreneurs.

Today, Soho is a mixed area, with cheap Chinese street food and French bistros, elderly ladies selling oranges on fruit crates and chic art galleries.