Saturday, April 11, 2009

From on Top of 21st Floor

We live in Shekou

QSI Fenghua Secondary School and track

No ladders, no kidding!

Tim is facing the school, you can see his apartment in the background

Next door, Some secondary teachers live in this building

The view from there.

My friend Howard's Sat. morning community kids soccer program

These were taken on Sat. (day before Easter) from a apartment building near the new QSI Fenghua Secondary School in Shekou. This gives a little of the idea of what this part of Shenzhen is like. It is the very small (village) part of Shenzhen, but still has more than a million residents. I don't know what the exact area is but I doubt it is much more than a few square miles. These are just a few shots to give you a feel for the density of the buildings. I takes me about 20 min. to walk from the school you see here to my apartment shown in the pic of me. About 5 min. by bike, which could be stolen, so I usually only ride on the weekend when I can take the bike into the building, or between 10-20 min. by bus depending on how long you wait and time of day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arm and Hatchet

Click to see a close up view
This is a friend of ours Howard from Washington D C

China version of a popular American product. We see this kind of thing all the time. It always brings a smile to our face.

Dropping in at Starbucks

I was sitting at Starbucks having a coffee and look up to see this guy dropping down sitting on his board. He had been washing the windows and dropped down to the ground. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Strawberry Tea

Cake and Ice Cream

Baskets to bid on

Anxiously awaiting, we're next....

Lets get those steps right

Ready to Serve

One half of the gym for one of the two shows

All for a good cause

A QSI traditional yearly Spring event is what is called the "Strawberry Tea." Although it sounds innocuous enough it is actually a very large fund raising event for Liu Tan our schools adopted Chinese village and service project. Strawberry Tea has little to do with Tea, and Strawberries are only used in a slightly decorative way. It does involve tickets, some cake and ice cream and a large talent show that allows students and some staff to show what the've got. This year there were two different shows this past Saturday. Many students participated and many parents and friends enjoyed the afternoon. Here are some pictures from the event. Oh, a big hats off to Abbe DeWitt for a fantastic job organizing over 50 volunteers, running a large committee and pulling this event off.