Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stanley Market in Hong Kong

Looking toward the Stanley Promedade

Your name in colorful Chinese characters

Bev enjoys the sun and view

The day after we got back from the States was a Thursday. We realized that we needed additional pages in our passports as they get 4 stamps every time we leave China even to go to Hong Kong. We made an appointment via the internet at the American Consulate in Hong Kong for Friday, as we would be able to go without missing a day of school. Since it only took part of a day we spend the rest of the time going across the island and visiting the Stanley Market which is on the opposite side of Hong Kong island. Very nice and fun day, thanks Bruce for the suggestion. In addition to the market there is a very nice boardwalk and a great Marine Museum. The ride along the winding narrow roads from the second level of the bus was quite an experience that had some folks hurrying to move down to the lower level.

These are the first pics from my new Nikon P5100 camera.