Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chinese Tea

While we were in Hong Kong ,we decided we would learn a little about tea ,the art of tea brewing and drinking. We were treated to a great find (accidentally) when we visited a department store with over 5 floors that was quite large by Chinese standards, (we were looking for silk material). It was off the beaten path, in a hard to find building and we are quite sure we were the only Americans in the store that day.

The fifth floor was totally devoted to tea, tea products, exhibits, and tea demonstrations. Many different individual shops were set up, and each area had tea and tea pots with other tea related items. You could sit down with the tea hostess of that area and sample as many teas as you liked. We tried a couple different kinds and bought a few that we especially liked. We also bought a unique tea brewing pot that produces perfectly brewed tea. The hostess showed how to use all the tools and the other dishes used in the brewing process. We had the opportunity to buy any kind, style, size of tea from any area in China. It was like a mini tea exposition.

We were introduced to the Southern Chinese method of brewing and drinking tea. I have added a link if you would like to know more this process or about Chinese tea.

PS Thanks Rob for your help as to where to start on this topic.